Foundational Fatherhood Retreats

I had a great experience…there has already been fruit in my home.  -Lucas P. 

There is no question about it. Mark has been blessed with the gift of understanding. Things that have been completely obscure to me are obvious to him. Especially on the topic as God the Father, and thusly, how we are to be fathers. This weekend was like eating 2 inch thick steak for 48 hours. I left with months worth of truth to chew on. Initially I was put off and a little weirded out at paying $195 for a retreat, but frankly the training and overall experience (hospitality A+++) provided were worth way more than the sticker price.
What you are providing is awesome. You’re family is awesome. This weekend was awesome.    -Chris K.


1. Food = awesome

2. Booklets = pretty awesome

3. Brown paper and sharpie = pretty sucky

4. Stories to make points = awesome

5. Sharing your heart for fatherhood and passion for others = way awesome

-Rhett B.




I left more empowered, more confident, and more free to be the father God created me to be.      -Nate S.