Father up.

dad on ipad

My dear fathers…

What has become of us? We are portrayed as mower-riding, repairman-calling, beer drinking game watching cave dwellers. For good reason, I am sorry to say.

A good father is becoming a misnomer. An oxy-moron, with emphasis on moron.

Can I pump some Oxy into you?

Rise up from the digital dead. Lift your head from the toxic glow of your digital distractor and look around. At your family. At your community. And at your nation. It’s time for you to be the father we all need. All year long.

Take the plastic gizmo from your belt and launch it in the air. If you hit it with one shot, you rock. Then turn, and lead. Turn, and love your woman well.Turn and father the generations to come.

It’s time to Father-Up.



(image courtesy of media.npr.org)



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