On manhood

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There are things which are true that in order to be known must be experienced. They must be walked through and lived in and broken in like a good pair of boots. Knowledge on its own is not enough for one to grasp these things. Yes, information passed from practitioner to learner can be very valuable and helpful, but mixing knowledge with experience is the only trustworthy recipe in the kitchen of life.

We learn best by being shown, being led by example, walking together with a mentor or a sage, who can point out pitfalls, extend advice as we try to walk the same path he has walked for many years. Essentially he is passing on his wisdom in a distillation, the essential oil of a life well lived. We benefit from his scars, from his victories, from his data gathered the hard way, and we glean this not through sterile lectures or readings but through trial and error along side the master. We put our hands to the tools that have been worn with use by one who has gone before.

This is especially true in manhood.

We were not meant, each one of us, individually, to rediscover and retake the same ground over and over through the millennia- we were meant to be brought into manhood by practitioners of the craft, by those who have gone before and taken ground by standing on the shoulders of their forefathers who took unique ground in their own day.

We were meant to walk along side these experts, these craftsmen of masculine expertise, these walkers of dark trails and hallowed halls and silent caverns, these living libraries of health and wealth and wisdom. That is the system into which you were born.

But many of these special ops warriors are missing, taken out by video games or small battles at work or a fixation on golf swings or women of ill repute or trips into unfeeling and unknowing lethargy brought on by alcohol or food or entertainment.

And we who would rise up in their shadow are left to recreate a story rather than add to it; to start a story that we were meant to finish, or at least develop into its deeper stages; We find ourselves recasting a vision that should have or could have been cast before, so that others could expand or develop or extend further into the universe that Great Story, one of the Father and Son. The kingdom which has come, which will continue to grow in mass and volume and beauty and richness throughout the unseen future.