Fixation     -dialed in way too close.
     Nothing good comes to me when I am in the state of fixation. And I have learned to recognize it as a state of being, almost an affliction or an infection of some sort. A mind infection.
     And it doesn’t really matter what I’m fixated on. In the past I’ve used the excuse that the thing on which I was fixated was a healthy thing. Like exercise. Or making money.
     But the problem is my personal inner scales get all thrown out of balance when I’m fixated. I value things that have no real worth, and I ignore things that need my attention. I lose the ability to recognize much of anything, let alone make good decisions.
     So, I’ve learned to identify the signs of fixation, and when I feel it coming on, I turn and run the other way, no matter the subject which is crying out for my gaze.

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