Hand made


The art of waking a person up, of bringing him from a dark, unseeing place to an empowered and enlightened place- this is good work.

But it is difficult, and dangerous. The man who frees the wolf from the trap often gets bitten in the freeing. I carry the scars from many rescues.

The tools and processes by which this freeing work is done have come through many battles, and many failures. And many victories too.

These tools are not wimpy or plastic, or made out of junk metal by some nameless factory across the Yellow Sea. These are tools with grooves in the handles from long usage, forged in the basement or the barn or shop out back. Forged and filed and prototyped and polished and rejected and remade, redesigned, and recast until they fit the hand, cutting straight and true.

And the processes discovered by trial and error, by one drowning in his own trauma, these also did not come easy. They were taken, snatched on the run, and spirited away for safe keeping, and then worked over and molded and vetted and refined until they rang of truth and beauty.

Lodestone is all about the work of developing and delivering tools that free the man, free the company, free the family, and free the soul.

By hand.



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